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Andrea Camarillo

Believe It, Pursue It

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When everything changed for me...

I tell you my story and how I managed to be healthy, happy and in shape after being overweight and underweight...

Andrea Camarillo
Health Coach

"Being healthy doesn´t need to be hard"

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Adriana Urzúa,


I admire Andy's dedication, but above all, the way she teaches you how important it is to have a healthy life. She shows you to love & value yourself. For me the most important thing is that she transmits the importance of believing in yourself, which is essential to achieving good health. She coaches you to know yourself physically and mentally. I will always admire and value the time you shared with me to show me all these things that I will keep forever in my life.

What people say about me

Julian Ramos,


Andrea passed the idea of intermittent fasting by me and I thought she was crazy. She would occasionally run the idea by me in passing to express the benefits she was experiencing along with the scientifically proven results it would serve towards men. I would casually make a mockery of this idea and said there’s no way she can break a tradition that runs deep through the quintessential roots of a South Texan boy’s upbringing. No breakfast before I leave the door? 12+ hours without eating? What is she trying to do to me? After watching myself the benefits she was obtaining, I decided to give it a try for a week and embark myself on this intermittent fasting journey.

Laura de Paolis,


Thanks to Andrea I realized that achieving what I thought impossible is much easier than what we all think.

She taught me simple ways to make healthy choices, especially when you are not at home. I was working with her for a period of time where I was living abroad, which was excellent to avoid gaining weight and even improving my health!


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