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Mi Historia

My Story never told...

From eating badly, to not eating, to the best version of me!

It took me more than half of my life to know myself, to learn to take care of myself and to heal from within, to recognize that health and aesthetics come from something much deeper than eating chicken, lettuce and drinking water, as many still think. It is necessary to have a balance in many areas of our life to be able to consider ourselves healthy and achieve the goals we have. Having gone through all this, I am sure that I can help many others in whatever their problem in terms of health, nutrition, and overall well-being is.


Since my younger years I´ve always exercised, but during high school, I started to feel overweight and thought that guys in my school preferred the thinner girls... This mindset started deteriorating my self-image and self-confidence.

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Little by little or, in fact, very quickly I began to lose a lot of weight. At first, this gave me a lot of confidence and willpower to continue with my goal. In the beginning I was simply eating maybe a cookie instead of two, measuring my food portions more. But in a short time, my way of controlling absolutely everything went to a critical point, where I even limited my portion of cucumbers or chicken. Since then, it always crossed my mind to study something related to nutrition, but I thought that this would make me obsess even more with food.

To make a long story short, in some way, my parents managed to convince me that I needed professional help. We went to a consultation at a very famous clinic in Mexico City where they had a complete team that supported people with all kinds of eating disorders. By the way, before this, I went to several nutritionists who only gave me a diet and I (obviously) did not follow it. I was just looking for ways to eliminate more and more foods and have more control over my meals. But anyway, for some reason I agreed to go to this clinic.

After a while, my weight was so low that the doctors decided they could not continue giving me therapy because my life was in danger. They said I had to send me to a hospital for a while due to my already serious situation. Otherwise, they would refuse to attend my case and that I should sign a letter saying I was responsible for whatever happened to me. At that time I already weighed around 35 or 36 kilos (78 pounds). Before everything started my weight was 62 kg (132.5 pounds).

After crying for two full days, I decided that I had do it. I knew I wasn't going to cure in any other way. That same week they admitted me into the hospital. It will sound very strange, but they were two very difficult but great weeks in my life. I arrived with the mentality to heal and let them help me, which made things much easier. I took it as a vacation of my life, of my fears, of my self-control and my suffering.

After this time in the hospital, I was feeling great. I managed to gain about 3 kilos (6.6 pounds) in two weeks. My face had changed, my perception about food began to change. I saw that I could still have control over what I ate (which was always my worst fear), but in a healthier way. It was a new beginning in my life. If somebody asks me, I feel there are three Andreas ... Andrea before the problem, Andrea with the problem and Andrea after it.

Little by little my weight increased until I reached a healthier weight of around 46-48 kilos. Although my life was much more normal, I was still always controlling  everything I ate. In fact, I can say that I still do (we all do), but now I do it in a healthy way and I do not feel like I'll die every time I eat more of what I know I should eat.

For different situations in my life, I started going to the gym again when I was about 26 years old. It was in that moment when I started reading and researching how to have a healthy and fitness lifestyle. Immediately I started loving it!!! I can say, without fear of being wrong, this was the beginning of a new world...a new passion for me... a new rebirth inside me!!

I found myself spending all my free time (and I still do) investigating healthy eating, exercises, tips, etc. I decided to go with a coach who helped me getting started in this healthier and fitter life.

Gradually, by following the plan he sent to me, going to the gym every morning before work, eating more consciously and planning my days, I started feeling and seeing myself better & healthier, I started to get passionate about this combination of behaviors to bring a life that not only made me look better, but it made me feel better, with more energy and much happier.

I had a huge desire to help people like me or with any type of health or physical issues. I started thinking about studying something related health, I researched different courses and I enrolled in the “Integrative Nutrition Health Coach” program with headquarters based in New York. I really loved the program and decided to start as soon as I could!

In the beginning it was just a matter of personal fulfillment of studying what I'm really passionate about, and a personal satisfaction to a new achievement in my life. But it quickly started to become something I really saw myself doing. People started asking me for advice. And so, without meaning to, I started coaching friends and acquaintances.

My life has turned 180 degrees, as you can see. Today my goals, my activities and my daily tasks are completely different. I continue to study. I'm now also an International Certified Personal Trainer by NASM, which is a renowned curriculum known in the Health & Fitness Industry.


I can help with common problems like digestive issues, hormones and nutrition for sports.

This is evolving rapidly and my commitment is to keep up to date on all issues that concern us all in order to provide a QUALITY and COMPLETE service.

Now, I am a happy, fulfilled woman, who enjoys life and, of course, makes mistakes. But every fall is just a lesson on how to stand up again ;) always remember that!

  • I love music, I love dancing and being with the people I love!!

  • I love healthy life, I love to eat knowing that I am feeding my body with the best, and nurturing the most important thing I have: My body, which is my home and my whole being!

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Hi! I'm Andy,


I'm here to help you. Here you will find recipes, tips and information to help you live a healthier life.

Do you want to know more about me?

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