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Fit Popsicles

Fit and Easy with only 3 Ingredients!

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Hot weather? Craving something cold? Maybe ice cream or a popsicle?

Let me present you one of my favorite recipes for the summer, plus the macros couldn't be better! You can enjoy these popsicles without any guilt and without ruining your diet.

Forget here about using the oven or any type of cooking method. Don't you love when recipes are also delicious and easy without the need for an oven? I really do. Don't take me wrong, I love cooking healthy things, but I also like to enjoy something simple and that doesn't take so long.

It's perfect for those cravings that can't wait and need something NOW! Just be careful and leave them ready-made in the freezer. You can store them for up to 7-10 days without any problem.

I told you so much about macronutrients that I feel compelled to give you details on the ones I did. Careful! The macros vary depending on the brand you use, but in my case the macros look like this:
Proteins: 12g
Carbs: 5g
Fats: 1 g



 Fit Popsicles 

 Tiempo de Preparación: 4 minutos 

 Porciones: 1 


▶️ 60g greek  yogurt. If you have seen other of my recipes,

You know my favorites are 0% Fage or Unsweetened Chobani
▶️ 5-8g Powdered Peanut or Almond Butter (can also be spreadable)
▶️ Stevia drops to taste




▶️ Popsicle mold (as many as you wish)


▶️ Mix all the ingredients, place it in the mold and

    let it freeze for a few hours

▶️ Take them out of the freezer and enjoy a

    delicious healthy popsicle! 🙌

Important Tips:

If you want the recipe to be ketogenic, use almond or macadamia butter instead of peanut.

Typically, these butters don't come in a powder version, but you can mix them perfectly well with the rest of the ingredients as the powder.

Paletas Heladas Fit ingredientes.png

Ingredients I used


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