Healthy Yogurt

Super easy and delicious snack!!


We´ve all been in the situation where, after eating, we still have that small space for something sweet... well ... maybe it has never happened to you... (yeah right!)


For those who have been there, this recipe will get you out of that craving with  very low in calorie content and low in carbohydrates!  You know, I always taking care of those blood sugar spikes ;)



(Portions depend on your goals & wishes):

• Greek yogurt (0% Fage or Chobani unflavored or some vegan option)

• Raspberries, strawberries or blueberries (organic if possible)

• Activated sunflower seeds (check the post my Blog on how to activate the nuts and the benefits!)

• Organic chia seeds

   That's all!!! 😁😁

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